7 Jul 2011

Sandeep Chowta returns...

Apart from creating some great songs for Mast, Pyar Tune Kya Kiya and most notably Company, Sandeep Chowta has also done, additionally and singularly, the background score for several of Ram Gopal Varma's movies - notably Kaun and Satya.
While the hiatus took us all Chowta fans by surprise, he is now back with the background score for RGV's next Not A Love Story. This is certainly a relief for 70mm movie fans, as the director's two-part Rakht Charitra has some deafening stuff, that killed much of the film's impact.
Chowta had been, meanwhile, collaborating with jazz artists like Jeff Richman, Jimmy Haslip, Russel Ferrante and William Kennedy, and consequently brought out an album, 'Matters Of The Heart’ in December 2009, a work seven years in the making.    
Not A Love Story, set on the gruesome 2008 Neeraj Grover murder case, is ready for release. With one of the accused, Kannada actress Maria Susairaj released from jail last week, the blur between fact and fiction is certainly helping the film's trailer grab eyeballs.

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