17 Sep 2011

Music Review: RA.ONE:Most Good, Little Bad

Music: Vishal-Shekhar / Lyrics: Panchi Jalonvi,Vishal, Nirangen Iyengar and Kumaar
The much-awaited Vishal-Shekhar soundtrack is here and already we are rocking to the priceless pop-irrelevancy of the Akon-Hansika Iyer Chammak Chalo rendition. While Akon is clearly enjoying himself with the Hinglish parts and additional harmonies, the Tamil part is at most a strange addition before Hansika packs a punch with a classical antara-ending touch. Cool fresh stuff. The Akon solo of the same, credited as an ‘international’ version is good, if not as enjoyable as the duet. In contrast, the other Akon song Criminal is a meandering beat song with Shruti Pathak and Vishal tagging along, the lyrics have little meaning here. You may like its pacing on repeated listens. 

The singer’s dream song in the album is Dildaara as Shafqat Amanat Ali’s lead vocals weave magic in to a demanding loop all through. The chorus parts, very English boy band inspired work, gels well here - a standout. The VS favourite Sukwinder Singh gets, as a welcome change, an experimented lounge number, Jiya Mora Ghabraaye. It may not be instantly catchy, well, we may need a dance floor to swing to this one. A new road taken here, thumbs up for that.

The RD Burman influence is all spread over the Vishal mimic-retro take in Raftaarien, the reference been the 1977 RD-Gulzar Dhanno ki aankhon mein from Kitaab. Again, the boy band tinge returns to Right by your side, this one’s separate Hindi-English stuff works well with the lyrics blending much better than Criminal. The modern Krishna-Radha version finds spunk in the Nandini Shrikar execution of Bhare Naina. Another potential gem.

The remixes? Please, we take them as redundancies for the weekend disco. At least three potential rewind-materials. A sturdy album that could have been a classic in the absence of the techno-noise, but a satisfying effort considering the limitations of the popular Hindi cinema framework.

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