24 Nov 2011

Music Review: DESI BOYZ: Pritam Returns to Familiar Territory

Music: Pritam / Lyrics : Irshad Kamil, Amitabh Bhattacharya & Kumaar
Post the clean, soulful Mausam soundtrack, Pritam returns to give filmy marketable tunes for Rohit Dhawan's debut Desi Boyz, but the overall effect is been there, done that territory.  

We go song by song, Make some noise has a groovy Punjabi rhythm, watch out singularly for the guitar licks that stand out here. The lyrics by Kumaar hovers between passable and average, sample kainde hai Lady Gaga hai fan hamari, usse kaho katte mil ja zara. 

The album's pick is Subah hone na de, a beautiful tune that fits in to the DJ groove, except for the some good, some really bad lyrics. The obscene boom, boom, shot, shot, marage saari raat fadeout almost kills it (Kumaar again). Mika is all attitude and Shefali Alvaris has that rare soft, seductive dance floor tone. As for the Humko kehte superman, ON karlo handy cam start, we are wondering what's that about.

Jhak maar ke returns to the Punjabi 'balle balle' circle, Pritam frequenter Neeraj Shridhar is computer treated to effects, while Hashdeep Kaur sounds fresh. Again, the main theme guitar stands out in the dhol-filled number. Catchy if not deep. Irshad Kamil's lyrics are OK here.

Allah maaf kare stings back to the pseudo-filmy Sufi space, Sonu Niigaam and Shilpa Rao are spot on here. The effects mitigate the definite catch that the song has, so we are left without any saving grace, again Kamil has compromised words to be filmy.

It's pleasant to hear Shaan again, flowing and neat, in Let it be, a soft 'persuading the girl back' stuff. The most simplistic song of the soundtrack, Amitabh Bhattacharya's sole lyric contribution for the album is effective. The remixes, we miss as usual.

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