27 Nov 2011

Music Review: THE DIRTY PICTURE: Breezy Filmy Music of the Flesh

Music - Vishal-Shekhar / Lyrics - Rajat Aroraa
The impressive Vishal-Shekhar soundtrack in an early Milan Luthria film Taxi No. 9211 (2006) also had a rocking Bappi Lahiri solo Mumbai nagariya. Five years later, the evergreen Bappi gets a very 80’s filled duet with an appropriately naughty and spunky Shreya Ghoshal. Ooh la la is a treat for its provocative noises and sparsely (well) used Bappi inspired disco riffs. The audio-visual Himmatwala (1983) reference is also not overdone.

Ishq sufiana is another addition to the Sufi fever; thankfully it is a likable clean solo, in two versions here. Kamal Khan and Sunidhi Chauhan do the honours, the male vocals suit the content more, considering the lyrics are duplicated. Though Chauhan does get a tune twist in the antaras, the repetition somewhat dilutes it.
Back to the provocative, skin-show world, Twinkle twinkle has a ‘silky tumka’, references to ‘Jack & Jill’, ‘Humpty ghayal huva, Dumty pagal huva’ and other nursery rhymes. Rajat Aroraa’s cheeky lyrics are apt stuff. Rana Mazumdar mimicking R.D. Burman to precision (almost) is charmingly, calculated retro. The accordion conveys the restlessness to good effect; the three minute take saves it. Shreya Ghoshal impresses again.
The Disco 82 referenced Honeymoon ki raat is again a toned-down provocative piece. Obviously these are songs for the ‘films within the film’ to showcase the flesh show. Though you may not hum along, there is breeziness here. Sunidhi Chauhan fits right in. 
No flinching stuff,  deliberate sultry lyrics and skilful use of the eighties ‘soundscape’ make for a leisurely, fun listen in something that is plesantly kinky. Tickling myself -Ishq Sufiana stands out like Nirupa Roy* among a horde of vamps. 
* For those who came in late, Nirupa Roy played the Hero’s ideal, pure mother in countless Hindi movies of the 1970’s and 1980’s.

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