15 Nov 2011

Movie Review: THE SECRET OF THE UNICORN: Tintin in all its Herge spirit!

All previous TV adaptations have failed to capture the essence of Herge’s classic Tintin comics. Beneath the exaggerated nature of adventure, danger, humour and a disbelief that so comfortably fits to the comic series, it’s the sheer drawing, vivid colours and expressions in still art that Tintin readers are magnet-attracted to.
Happily, Steven Spielberg’s inventiveness and the integration of the performance capture technology makes for an unforgettable 3D experience that I would like to return to again and again. Three books are skilfully merged here for a racy screenplay. The incredulity of the comic action sequences comes alive in animation,  the story an able prop to Tintin’s (Jamie Bell) relentless search for the truth, Snowy’s smart hero act (only animation could make it work) and Captain Haddock’s (Andy Serkis, a riot) drunken stupor. From the main thread, it is the several deft moments that stand out. The seaplane sequence, Bianca Castafore’s glass shattering tone, Haddock’s mad storytelling and the eye-popping scroll chase, among many others are just sheer joy and entertainment.
The adventures of Tintin: The secret of the unicorn is recommended for all movie lovers, and Tintin fans – you just can’t miss this 3D candy. Rejoice! They finally got it right. Bring on the next one soon please Mr. Spielberg.

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