26 May 2012

Hollywood Movie Update: Gaga over Steve Jobs

Photo source: geek.com

It is not like there was no attempt to make a movie on the 'Apple Man' Steve Jobs. There was one made in 1999 called Pirates of Silicon Valley. The 95-minute made-for-TV film was an adaptation of the Paul Freiberger and Michael Swaine book Fire in the Valley: The Making of The Personal Computer. 

Directed by Martyn Burke, the movie starring Noah Wyle (As Steve Jobs) and Anthony Michael Hall (As Bill Gates) in set in the period between the 1970's and ends in 1997 with Jobs and Gates agreeing to a partnership following the former's return to Apple.   

Cut to 2012 and we have confirmed news that there are at least two full-length Hollywood movie on Jobs on the cards. The first one titled Jobs, has Ashton Kutcher playing the lead. While we moan at the choice of Kutcher as Jobs, the positive side is - here is the time for him to prove he can act.  Inferno Entertainment is ready to sell the movie, so we hear.

The real heartening news is that the second film Steve Jobs has Aaron Sorkin, screen writer of  the similarly toned quirky film The Social Network as part of the project. The movie will be reportedly based on Walter Isaacson authored biography of the same name. Sony is producing this movie. 

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