5 Jun 2012

Movie Talk: Rambling over Rowdy Rathore

Vikramarkudu, the 2006 Telugu film that has been dubbed in Hindi as Pratighat 

Now, how does one talk about a film one has not seen?

Come again, the original of last Friday's Hindi release Rowdy Rathore has been playing at repeated intervals on Sahara Filmy under the Hindi-dubbed title of Pratighat for the last one year or two.... As squirmy as the proceedings were, right from female waist pinching, thunderous pro-police dialogues that come across as propaganda, and other torturous scenes where a married woman is kidnapped and kept by the village goon, are all but there for some sordid sensational effect rather than storytelling. That is the new sour taste of Hindi commercial films, something that was revived with the Salman Khan starring Wanted (2009). The bad 1980's era of anything goes, is kind of back. It is certainly not a welcome feeling for the 70mm regulars.   

As for the mindless assembly line of film remakes, just because the first one raked in the money, well, we mourn all such forms of ennui. 

Rowdy Rathore is the fourth remake of Vikramarkudu. The previous three remakes have been in Tamil, Kannada and Bengali.

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