22 Aug 2012

Movie Review: Gangs of Wasseypur II (Part Two): Deft Blood & Humour Culmination

Just how many dead bodies, bullet-pumping, greed, drugs and blood can you sit through in a gun-booming 150-minute revenge saga that transcends generations? You would if there was enough to laugh out in between, chilling camera work and a new array of characters, all done with conviction.

There is no time lost in introducing the scenario, we had much of that in the first part. Also, the lingo is the more familiar Hindi here, signs of homogeneity in a burgeoning town. So we kick start in the initial minutes with two sombre / hilarious brass band funerals, a drug addict, a wedding and a lusty first night.

A town where every other man wants his share of money, the coming of pagers and cell phones, and the never-ending greed float on the film's murky surface. Also adding to the plot are the new generation, a razor blade touting, school dress attired kid robber, a step-brother who mouths film actor Mohnish Behl's Maine Pyar Kiya (1989) antagonist dialogues ("A boy and a girl can never be friends.") and an accomplice who abandons his friend at the first go. Betrayal and deadly deceit are passe in 21st century Wasseypur.

With such lushness of characters, Kashyap gives us an absorbing film, with story strands coming together in a tension-pricked climax and then much more, as revenge comes full circle, and a red blood footprint is embedded on hospital tile. Gangs of Wasseypur II is a high quality second part of a small town gangster saga, though Gangs of Wasseypur I is somehow more endearing with the skill with which it moves through generations and Manoj Bajpai's towering performance. 

In summation, seen as one five-hour plus entity, Gangs of Wasseypur is worth returning to for the vast gun-toting, seven-decade literature it reeks of. Now we await the extended version DVD of the entire set. Bring it on.           

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