12 Dec 2012

Music Specials: Ravi Shankar & The Quiet Beatle

Sitar maestro Ravi Shankar passed away yesterday evening (Dec 11,2012) in California as the press have reported. He was 92.

Let us bask then in the sun of a musical legacy, let me start with a blog link posted again in the light of Shankar's untimely demise (Frankly, considering the incredible energy, expected Shankar to live beyond 100, still playing the Sitar). Here is the link: Ravi Shankar & Allah Rakha make magic at Monterey, 1967.

Now on to the story of the quiet Beatle, George Harrison and his relationship with Ravi Shankar. Harrison is said to have met Shankar in 1966 and then go on to learn playing the Sitar from the latter during an Indian visit. Listen to Shankar talking about his initial view of Harrison learning the instrument below:

Harrison went on to use the Sitar and Tabla in certain Beatles songs. Here is a YouTube selection for your listening pleasure. Also check Love You To out, the most scintillating example of Sitar in a Beatles song.

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