22 Aug 2013

Dialogue Baazi : Business Man (2012)

Business Man is a Telugu commercial movie starring Mahesh Babu and Kajal Agarwal with all its mass audience trappings of a one-man army taking on an entire state. It has become a fad with Hindi TV movie channels to dub these over the top action capers, and one of these days Business Man was showing in its Hindi dubbed version. I might well have flipped over to the next channel but for this dialogue run, which I paraphrase here in English. You may make what you make of it:

You must have seen the lion hunting a deer on National Geographic channel. How everybody feels for the deer! They watch tensed and then when the lion misses, they breathe with relief and have chicken biryani for dinner. Did they feel for the deer then? No, it pleased them that the lion missed...