5 May 2017

Baahubali 2: Five Prominent Plot Holes

There are several logic bending scenes in Baahubali 2, and with no backstory or explanations, many elements are just passed over. The source of superhuman strength, for example, and why it is confined to only Amrendra Bahubali, Mahendra Bahubali, and Bhallala Deva is never explained. What special steroid-flooded diet were they consuming? Listing four prominent plot holes here:
  1. There is no explanation given to the people who capture Katappa. Is this a deliberate plan to ambush Amrendra Bahubali? We never know.
  2. Katappa gets to know of Bijjaladeva's intention to kill his wife Sivagami and decides to tell...nobody!
  3. On hindsight, Katappa's killing of Amrendra Bahubali is still unconvincing. Katappa could so easily have warned Bahubali in advance. Considering Katappa really liked Bahubali, his actions are contradictory to his character.
  4. Sivagami has always known that her husband Bijjaladeva has evil intentions and roots for their son Bhallala Deva. She is easily the most intelligent and commanding character in the film. So for her to get influenced by her husband's wicked instigations is just not done.
  5. How Mahendra Bahubali and his mini-army manage to defeat the mighty Mahishmati Kingdom within hours of hearing Katappa's story narration, is just convenient, rushed storytelling.

On a Lighter Note
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