26 Dec 2017

The BoomBox Best South Indian Movies 2017

The three movies picked here for the BoomBox Best South Indian Movies 2017 are not without their faults and contradictions. But there is so much more compelling and engaging in comparison in all these films that they deserved making this blog post. The list is not comprehensive and compiled from a selection of movies I managed to catch this year. Any recommendations and suggestions are welcome.


A modern mad hash, drug-swimming, alcohol-sinking interpretation of Devdas has a trippy, self-destructive young doctor at the helm. At several places during the film's 3-hour running time, I wished Arjun Reddy would just die. That is the degree of pain and suffering he puts himself through, he is also extremely unlikeable, heinous and rude.

Deverakonda Vijay Sai rocks as the volcanic lead character. The dangers of the film's influence on the young audience is justified to a large degree. Aptly rated "A", Sandeep Reddy Vanga's Arjun Reddy is a throbbing story of over-indulgence and downfall, strangely very watchable.  


One sleepy upper-middle-class Malayalee family is hit by a thunderstorm. The mother is diagnosed with second stage cancer. The awkward bunch of the husband, sons, daughter and related family members stumble at this news.

The genius of it - the movie unexpectedly pitches itself as a family and social comedy, the results are refreshingly hilarious. Althaf Salim's adroit writing and direction, great turns by the entire ensemble cast, including Nivin Pauly, Lal, and Shanti Krishna make this a creative high.

Njandukalude Nattil Oridavela (An intermission in the land of crabs) was a big fun surprise to catch at the theaters this year. 


H. Vinoth's action drama is inspired by the real-life run of brutal robberies and killings that led to the police undertaking "Operation Bawaria" to nail the culprits. 

The film initially threatens to end up in "one invincible man bashing up ugly, dark, screaming villains" territory, apart from enforcing sugar candy romantic cliches. When police officer Theeran single-handedly fights off an entire village, it starts to become unconvincing, but only for some moments.     

The second half more than makes up for the diversions. We get a nail-biting story with minimum lather, relentless pace and minus any superhero decoration. Karthi is rock-solid as the lead character. Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru is a superb high-quality entertainer despite the length, once it sheds the mass audience-appeasing traits.    

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