11 May 2018

The New Big SS Rajamouli Movie Announced

Rajamouli's recent tweet on his upcoming film with  Ram Charan and Jr.NTR 

After the mega mass audience Pan India success of Bahubali: The Beginning and Baahubali 2: The Conclusion, we can't wait for SS Rajamouli's next. Well, the wait for the next Rajamouli movie did not end with a recent announcement. By the likes of it, it will be a long time before the film will be shot and released. Basically, the wait has just begun.

The New SS Rajamouli Movie Teaser 
The cast for SS Rajamouli's next features Telugu stars Jr. NTR and Ram Charan. The teaser trailer calls it the RRR movie. This is not the movie title. The temporary title denotes the alphabet R common to the names of the director and the two lead stars. The movie budget is rumored to be 300 crores.

In a recent interview, Ram Charan revealed that shooting for the movie will begin in post-October 2018. It is a confirmed fact that Charan and NTR traveled to Los Angeles for some profile tests, possibly for the film's CGI. There is nothing more known about the film. Charan insisted that he will be hearing the film story narration only by May-end. Charan admitted that he said yes to the Rajamouli project without hearing the story, as it was fun to work with the director previously on Magadheera (2009).


A Long Wait Indeed

Going by the scale and detailing Rajamouli conjures in his movies, we must expect a tentative late 2019 release, or sometime in 2020. But this is coming from a purely optimistic fan. Post-production and special effects add to the long movie-making periods that Rajamouli is now famous for. The two Baahubali movies took five years to make. We are not complaining, as most Rajamouli movies have been worth the wait.

Rajamouli's Best Movie Yet
My favorite Rajamouli movie is still Eega (2012), later dubbed in Hindi as Makkhi. I recall how a colleague of mine had recommended the trailer. The premise was bizarre and unbelievable. An animated fly (previously human) was depicted as avenging his death. This promised to be a laughable and unintentionally spoof-filled experience. It was when I saw the movie at a city theatre that I was pleasantly surprised.

Eega is an out-and-out modern cliched fantasy that played out convincingly as a mass audience entertainer with almost no loose ends. The animated fly needed no language to reach out to any world audience. In comparison, the storyline of the Bahubali movies disappointed me. It was familiar territory for the director and the audience. The treatment was creatively fuelled though, with strong characters, awesome action sequences and believable special effects.

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