22 Jun 2018

Incredibles 2: Solid Visual Treat, Witty Entertainment!

Writer and director Brad Bird just loves animation and boy does animation love him back! The Iron Giant (1999), The Incredibles (2004), Ratatouille (2007) and now Incredibles 2. It is already a staggering body of work in animation movies.

Good Character-Driven Story 
An animated comic drama, Incredibles 2 starts precisely where The Incredibles left off 14 years ago. We meet the fab five, Bob/Mr. Incredible, Helen/Elastigirl and their three children Dash, Violet, and the cute baby, Jack-Jack fighting off the tunneling villain, Underminer. The damage from this battle leads to the closure of the "Super Relocation Program."

Stuck at a motel and doomed to take up regular jobs again, the super family's future seems grim. This is when Winston Deavor, superhero fan and telecommunications millionaire comes to the rescue. Along with genius sister Evelyn Deavor, Winston wants to bring banned superheroes back into the business. His ultimate goal is to rally public support and make supers legal again. Elastigirl is selected as the first choice to fight crime in the public eye.

The family is also provided a large spacious, luxurious home.Mr. Incredible has to grudgingly stay at home and tend to the kids, while Elastigirl has all the fun. Danger looms as a new mysterious villain called Screenslaver poses serious problems.

Intelligent, Mature, Cute
Incredibles 2 flows in a fabulously witty and comic rhythm and never slackens. Brad Bird's story punches through stereotypes to give us an almost perfect animation picture experience. From fluid action sequences, uproarious yet balanced comedy, stunning visuals, superb background music and voiceovers, Incredibles 2 is a treat.

Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Sarah Vowell, Samuel L. Jackson and Brad Bird reprise voicing their characters. Nelson (as Mr.Incredible), Hunter (as Elastigirl) and Huck Milner (as Dash) especially stand out.

Apart from the world-saving and superpowers, Bird addresses human problems and insecurities and as in The Incredibles, he receives our adorable empathy. Mr. Incredible could be any stressed stay-at-home parent, Violet stands for awkward-in-love teenagers and you have met enthusiastic, restless kids like Dash. Jack-Jack, the unpredictable cute baby with numerous uncontrolled superpowers packs in more fun.

Don't Miss It!   
Towards the end, it does seem that the film impresses, but doesn't go one better than The Incredibles. But that is no complaint, just a passing observation.

At less than 2 hours, Incredibles 2 is very watchable for its incredible creativity, really cool jokes, lovely, light pop reference moments, wonderful connectable characters, and brilliant, justified storytelling. Incredibles 2 is a highly-recommended fun weekend watch at the theaters!

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