24 May 2019

De De Pyaar De review: 'Just about bearable' romcom

A 50-year-old actor playing his age? Finally, here is a grounded Hindi film hero who is called "Uncle, Buddha (old), Mama (uncle) and subjected to various other mockeries, solely for laughs. That's one perk as part of the mixed bag that De De Pyaar De is.

Drunk women alert 
Ashish, a 50-year-old London-based investment banker (Ajay Devgn) falls for Ayesha, a 26-year-old working woman (Rakul Preet Singh) starting with a sexist episode implying it's OK(!!!) to take sexual advantage of drunk women who stay over at a single guy's place. The first half has some laughs, though it drags to making contrived lovers out of this pair.

The second half action brightens up when the action shifts to India and the couple arrives at Ashish's family home among the mountains. Though it doesn't turn out to be a rollercoaster ride, there are enough laughs that keep the proceedings 'just about bearable.'

Tabu stands out 
Tabu is especially good as the ex-wife, given the full range to enact straight-faced comedy, quiet balanced drama and portray intense lonesomeness and sadness. Alok Nath, Javed Jaffrey, Jimmy Shergill and Kumud Mishra lend good support in this unnecessarily topical-at-times attempt at comedy.

The debate about allowing a couple to try live-in before marriage is nicely put across. The parts about sexual infidelity, awkward flirtations and an angry, swearing daughter are unconvincing. The few songs don't add up to the film. 

De De Pyaar De: Half-decent romcom 
De De Pyaar De is a half-decent attempt at romantic comedy. In its many threads, Akiv Ali's directorial debut just about keeps it sane and left me with a not-so-unsatisfactory feeling by the end credits.

Watch De De Pyaar De for the some genuine LOL moments and the combined acting prowess of a sometimes sublime, sometimes strangely subdued Ajay Devgn, a confident turn by Rakul Preet Singh, and a beautiful steady turn by Tabu. 

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